Every year news stories talk about someone who gets seriously injured or killed while driving near a logging truck or other large semi. Just last year, in another state, a teen driver barely escaped serious injury and death when a log fell from a truck just ahead of him. The log smashed through his window shield, but he was able to dodge the log, avoiding serious injury. 

This could have ended up as a tragic scene for all involved and their loved ones. The boy’s small SUV incurred most of the damage. Far too often, these kinds of accidents end up causing life-changing injuries or death. 

Logging trucks and loaded tractor trailer trucks are common on Georgia roads. Consider following these safety tips when sharing the road with logging trucks or other large and loaded vehicles:

  1. Keep a safe distance away. This is the first and foremost way to stay safe, but it’s one we often overlook. Some loads hang over the back of the trucks and if the driver failed to secure the load properly, it could tumble off and into you. Don’t take a chance; stay a safe distance away from the truck.
  2. Avoid blind spots. A general rule of thumb is if you can’t see the driver’s side mirror, the driver can’t see you. These means don’t try to pass him if you aren’t absolutely certain he has seen you and knows what you’re about to do. 
  3. Pass with great care. If you do feel you must pass the truck, use extreme care. Never pass the driver from the righthand side and never while on a decline. Trucks need extra distance to slow down or stop because of their size and heavyweight, so put a good amount of space between you and the truck before pulling back into the lane. 
  4. Give ample room when the truck turns. Logging trucks and similar large transporters need ample space when turning. Make certain to keep your distance because the momentum of the turn could dislodge some of the payloads. 
  5. When to report a truck driver. If you see a logging or other tractor-trailer truck behaving erratically, or if the load seems loose and unstable, you might consider reporting the truck to authorities so they can locate the driver and help better secure the load, which keeps the road safer for others.

If you or a loved one has suffered injury or death due to an accident with a logging truck or other large cargo vehicle, contact an experienced logging truck accident attorney, such as Kathryn Burmeister of Burmeister Law Firm. Attorney Burmeister has extensive experience with these claims and a proven track record of winning, which means clients get financial compensation their deserve. Your consultation is always no obligation and free of charge. Call Burmeister Law Firm today and get justice for yourself or your loved one.

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