Questions Answered

Questions Answered

Will I talk to an attorney?

Absolutely! Attorney Burmeister will speak with you personally and in-person if that is your preference. While she may have staff speak with you about gathering information, basic updates, and other details, you will have access to her to discuss your legal concerns. She is happy to talk on the phone, video chat, text, email, or meet in-person based on your want or need. Once you become a client, scheduling is the best way to ensure she has the time marked off to meet in-person or talk on the phone about your case.

How often will I hear from your office?

The answer is one that comes up frequently in the legal field: it depends. Every case is different and events happen at a different pace for not only each case but also at different points during each case. A lot happens in the beginning you are treating. During that time, there is not much going on with the legal side because you must know what your medical outcome will be to best move forward in getting you a fair value for your case. During negotiations things pick back up and can include a lot of back and forth in a short amount of time.

As a general rule, Attorney Burmeister makes a point to speak with you at least twice a month by either phone or any other method you prefer. If possible, she works to contact you three times.

What experience do you have?

Attorney Burmeister has been in the legal field for 15 years. She has worked as a legal assistant, paralegal, clerked for a State Court judge, and worked in law firms of various sizes. She has done defense work as well as other plaintiffs work. All of this experience has given her the ability to truly see all sides of a case, which is crucial so she can anticipate the other side’s arguments. She has handled numerous cases of varying sizes, taken countless depositions, and appeared in court for motions, bench trials, and a jury trial. She has and continues to interact with defense counsel, insurance companies, and the courts daily, which has established a reputable name within the legal field.

How long will this take?

It depends. Many things affect how long a case takes. Some include how long you need to treat for your injuries; whether the other insurance company accepts liability; if you will need future treatment; whether you want to accept any offer made; whether the offer made is too low; whether we decide to file a lawsuit; how full the court calendar is; whether depositions need to be taken; and more. Attorney Burmeister is always willing to discuss the path that your case might take based on your unique situation.

What if I don't get anything?

If you do not get anything from the at-fault party, you do not owe any attorney fees or case costs. Essentially, there is no cost to be paid if you do not get anything.

How much does this cost?

It depends; there is that answer again. Up front, you do not pay any attorney fees (rate for attorney time) or case costs (e.g. mailing, filing documents with the court, copies of records and bills, experts, court reporters, etc). Attorney fees are calculated based on a percentage (contingency fee) of the amount recovered. Fees and costs are all taken out at the end from what you get from the at-fault party. While your case progresses, Attorney Burmeister is fronting all costs.

‚ÄčThe ultimate reason the answer is “it depends” is every case is different depending on how much needs to be mailed, how many medical providers documents need to be requested from, whether or not a lawsuit is filed, etc. Attorney Burmeister works hard to get reduced rates, when possible, and negotiate any balances with outside providers at the end of your case.

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