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Typically, when someone mentions a legal claim for a personal injury, we immediately think of harm that occurred in some type of accident. But if you’re the victim of intentional harm, you may need an assault and battery attorney.

Assault and battery are both criminal and civil offenses. The State handles the criminal prosecution of the person who hurts you. A personal injury attorney handles your civil case against the person who hurt you. If you have had unwanted physical contact with an assailant — that is contact without your consent — you are a battery victim. If you have had the threat of imminent harm – that is an immediate physical threat – you are an assault victim. If you feel someone has intentionally harmed you, it’s important that you first get medical attention and then contact an experienced assault and battery lawyer.

An Assault and Battery Lawyer Will Fight for You

An assault and battery lawyer will consult with you about the details of the incident and, if necessary, fight for you in a court of law. At Burmeister Law Firm, Kathryn Burmeister will give you the best legal advice available and ensure you receive the help and financial compensation you need.

Imagine that you or a loved one is injured in one of the following situations:

  • Police overreach
  • Hotel or apartment complex break-in
  • Bar or nightclub fight
  • Sporting event violence

Many other situations in which a person becomes intentionally injured or threatened to be injured by someone else fall under the legal category of assault and battery.

Your Assault and Battery Attorney in Georgia

Kathryn Burmeister is a top Georgia assault and battery attorney. Contact her immediately after you or your injured loved one has received the necessary medical attention. And don’t worry, you’re consultation is completely free. Do your best to remember and write down all of the details surrounding the incident. Try to take photos of injuries and any other relevant items to share during your consultation.

Don’t try to deal with the aftermath of such an offense alone. You need an experienced legal expert on your side. Attorney Burmeister can determine just how much compensation you’re owed. You may need financial restitution for:

  • Lost wages at work
  • Medical expenses associated with your injuries
  • Compensation for emotional pain and suffering
  • Other details that negatively impact your financial future

Kathryn Burmeister has the experience necessary to overcome both common and uncommon defenses to assault and battery claims. Act now, while you still have a clear memory of the details, and get the help you deserve from a top Georgia assault and battery lawyer.

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