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Burmeister Law Firm handles cases from start to finish and is happy to handle any referrals you want to send to us. Every potential client is contacted and has their injuries and claim evaluated whether or not it initially seems like a viable case. Large or small, every person deserves to be heard and have their case thoroughly reviewed.

Litigation Referral

We are often asked to handle cases once negotiations have stalled and the next step is litigation. Litigation takes a significant amount of time, money, and expertise to appropriately manage.

Let Burmeister Law Firm handle the litigation so you can focus on your practice.

What Do You Get When You Refer a Case?

There are many reasons others have referred cases to Kathryn Burmeister and her team at Burmeister Law Firm.

  • Higher Than Average Standard Fee Split. Certain firms are only willing to offer the “standard” percentage. Kathryn Burmeister is happy to increase that percentage in order to work with you.
  • Direct Attorney Contact. Your client always has access to Kathryn Burmeister not only through her office and team but also via her personal cell phone.
  • Personalized Case Strategy. Every case is different and each client is different. Tailoring a case’s action plan means that every client receives what is best for them and their case.
  • Low Attorney-Case Ratio. Ms. Burmeister maintains a manageable caseload, which allows for attention to detail that ensures the most profitable outcome.

Why Should You Refer a Personal Injury Case?

You likely have an ethical duty. Learning while working a personal injury case the first time is not the way to ensure success and may quickly result in violation of Bar rules. Understandably, and obviously, you don’t know what you don’t know. As a result, it is easy to go astray dabbling in personal injury.

Your malpractice coverage likely doesn’t provide enough coverage, if any. Due to the excessive financial risk of a personal injury case, malpractice carriers require a drastically higher premium for coverage. The higher premium is for higher coverage because of the amount of money at issue in an average personal injury case. Without appropriate coverage, your personal assets are put at tremendous risk.

There is an extensive amount of commitment. More than other areas of law, personal injury cases require a large amount of time and finances. They can take years to resolve even without litigation. Since fees are earned on contingency and after resolution of the case, payment for your work is far into the future. Despite that, you must front all costs in a case without any guarantee of being compensated. Those costs can increase exponentially once litigation starts.

The Details

If you want to refer a case to Kathryn, reach out to her directly. She will have you either provide the contact information of the potential client or request that you schedule a call for everyone to talk. While it is helpful to know basic details of the case ahead of time, Kathryn always assesses cases herself. This is especially important when a case comes from an attorney that doesn’t practice personal injury and therefore doesn’t know what to look for when evaluating whether or not to take a case.

If Kathryn and you agree to move forward with the referral, paperwork is drafted that has the details of the case, fee split, and approval from all parties, including the client.

During the case, regardless of what stage it comes to Burmeister Law Firm, you will receive updates on the status of the case. Once money is recovered in the case, you receive your referral fee at the same time as everyone else ( client, Burmeister Law Firm, medical providers, lending companies, etc.) receives their money.

Attorneys Recommend Burmeister Law Firm

Other attorneys have nothing but good things to say about working with Kathryn.

“Kathryn is a dedicated and hard-working attorney. Her honest and realistic approach to handling cases is what distinguishes her from other attorneys. She works hard for every single client no matter how big or small the return. She is also not afraid of litigation and will fight to get her clients what they deserve. I greatly admire Kathryn as a fellow attorney and believe she has the intellect and fortitude to advocate effectively for her clients.”

Sarah G. N. Dubale, Esq.

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