People often mistakenly use the terms ‘assault’ and ‘battery’ interchangeably, but these are two
different crimes. And, according to Georgia law, they are further categorized into simple and
aggravated offenses. Many victims of assault, battery, or both don’t initially know their rights
under the law, or understand which legal process – criminal or civil – applies in their individual

Criminal vs. civil assault and battery cases

Criminal cases are brought by the state against the person who committed the crime. A criminal
trial’s purpose is to determine the guilt of someone accused of committing a crime and
subsequently impose an appropriate punishment upon the person’s conviction. In this scenario,
a victim may testify against the accused, but the victim is not an integral part of bringing charges
against the accused person.

Personal injury cases fall under the category of civil lawsuits. Civil suits are brought by private
individuals against the person who is responsible for causing the injuries. In these situations, the
victim or the victim’s family sues for recovery of losses – both financial as well as pain and
suffering. For this it’s imperative that you work with a knowledgeable, experienced assault and
battery attorney, such as Kathryn Burmeister.

In certain criminal cases, the court may order the person convicted to pay restitution to his
victim; whereas, in civil lawsuits, liability and damages are decided based upon evidence
presented in court.

Since personal injury lawsuits are separate from the criminal court process, the accused does
not need to be found guilty in a criminal court to be liable for injuries and other damages
resulting from the assault and battery incident. This is important to know and understand.
Attorney Kathryn Burmeister and her expert legal team can help you fight for compensation you
deserve as a victim of assault. Criminal assault is serious, but it’s not your only recourse as a

Types of damages victims may receive from a civil case

Your assault and battery attorney will likely fight for both compensatory and punitive damages.
You deserve compensation covering all your losses including, but not limited to, costs
associated with:

  • Medical bills and post treatment expenses
  • Psychological counseling for emotional distress
  • Lost income and diminished earning potential
  • Physical scarring and other permanent injuries
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

Attorney Kathryn Burmeister, an expert in assault and battery cases, will carefully review all
documentation related to the incident, which caused you injury. Additionally, she will
compassionately listen to your account of what occurred as well as interviewing any witnesses
or passengers. Following her thorough investigation, she will identify the types and amounts of
damages to which you’re entitled.

It’s imperative to speak to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after the event, but only
after you’ve received necessary emergency treatment, if needed. At Burmeister Law Firm, you’ll
never pay for your no-obligation initial consultation with Ms. Burmeister. She is dedicated to
ensuring her clients receive the help they deserve, so they have the resources to rebuilt their
lives. Her proven track record speaks for itself. Take action now and allow her to take on your
burden and fight for you, so you can begin to heal. Call today and take the first step to getting
your life back.

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