Child Injured at a Playground? Get the Help You Need Now

It’s not uncommon for children to suffer injuries on community playgrounds or even school play areas. Playground injury lawyer Kathryn Burmeister of Burmeister Law Firm understands that children are precious. She is ready to help you receive the financial compensation that you are entitled to on behalf of your child. Attorney Burmeister says that children regularly incur minor injuries while playing just because they are not as coordinated as adults and not as wise but oftentimes they suffer because of faulty playground equipment.

Who is liable for playground injuries?

Playground injuries are probably more common that you, as a parent, may realize. There are over 200,000 child visits to emergency rooms for playground injuries each year. Almost 50% of these injuries are considered serious and include such things as:

  • Brain injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Internal (organ) injuries
  • Limb amputations
  • Many more…

If not well cared for, a community playground park, school playground, or other play area can pose significant dangers when it comes to your child’s safety. Inherent design flaws, malfunctions, and inadequate supervision can all result in seriously harmful accidents and injuries. Child personal injury attorney Kathryn Burmeister insists that it’s crucial for parents to understand who should be held responsible if their child gets injured on a playground.

When a child suffers an injury at a school or public playground, or even at a private home, the liable parties may include:

  • Owner of the playground
  • School district and local government
  • Equipment manufacturer
  • Equipment contractor
  • People (if any) with a duty to supervise kids

In addition, when a public entity (e.g. public school, public park, etc.) is in charge of the playground, there are even shorter deadlines than with private entities that must be met to pursue a claim. Identifying those liable can involve complicated issues, so it’s vital that you contact an experienced, proven Georgia child playground injury lawyer life Kathryn Burmeister for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.

Safety standards for playgrounds

Your child can suffer an injury at a playground associated with a public park, daycare, public or private school, fast food restaurant, shopping mall, friend’s backyard, and anywhere where a play facility is set up. Some factors that can result in injuries include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Equipment height – Many injuries occur when a child falls from the equipment. Highly elevated equipment should have safeguards in place to prevent falls or prevent serious injury in case a fall occurs.
  • Equipment surfaces – Certain surfaces, such as mulch and rubber, aren’t as dangerous as others like concrete. Safe surfaces can protect against the most serious injuries.
  • Equipment layout – It’s important the equipment have a proper layout and spacing to prevent children from colliding, accidentally, into other children while playing.
  • Proper supervision – This depends on the age of the child and the circumstances involved. A supervisor, nanny, or parent (if you child is visiting someone else) may be required to prevent serious injury.
  • Sharp edges or possible entanglement – By following playground equipment standards, children can be (reasonably) safe from strangulation, contusion, or cuts while using playground equipment.
  • Enclosures – Enclosures or fencing helps prevent kids from leaving the area or being abducted. It also prevents them from encountering hazards like a nearby street, body of water, or even a railroad track.

If your child has been injured, or died, due to negligence, inadequate supervision, or faulty equipment, please contact experienced playground injury attorney Kathryn Burmeister immediately time is of the essence. Attorney Burmeister will listen to the details of your story and employ the full force of her experience and extensive professional network to investigate your case and help you make a claim. All of this is at no obligation, so call today to explore how you can receive the financial compensation you and your child deserve.

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