Rideshare electric scooters have become a regular part of life in many US cities and Atlanta is
no exception. Although these scooters provide a convenient and affordable way to get around in
a bustling city center, they also present opportunities for accidents and injuries. Due to the
‘rideshare’ nature of these scooters, accidents, and injuries while using them may result in
complex liability issues. Assessing and resolving these issues requires the assistance of an
experienced rideshare scooter attorney.

Common types of scooter accidents

Electric rideshare scooters are one of the newest ways for people to get around. They’re easy to
rent and allow users to travel busy city streets for very little cost. Even so, scooter accidents
happen and they can have serious consequences. If you have an accident resulting in injury
involving a rideshare scooter, consider speaking with a personal injury attorney with experience
dealing with rideshare accidents. Attorney Kathryn Burmeister knows all about the unique
insurance and liability issues that can arise when scooter injuries occur.

She can answer your questions regarding the circumstances around your rideshare accident.
Some common types of scooter accidents include:

  • Injuries caused by drivers of motor vehicles
  • Pedestrian injuries involving scooter users
  • Accidents due to defects or hazards in the road
  • Accidents occurring due to poorly maintained scooters
  • Collisions between bicyclists and scooter drivers

Scooter collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians while in use represent only part of the way
people can become injured. You may suffer injury after tripping over one or more scooters
carelessly left on the sidewalk or other pedestrian pathways. If you or a loved one has suffered
injuries due to an accident involving a scooter, regardless of circumstances, it’s important to
consult with a rideshare scooter accident lawyer. Your lawyer can discuss your options when it
comes to compensation for medical expenses, lost income, diminished quality of life, and other

Who is at fault for scooter accidents?

Scooters, like motorcycles and bicycles, do not protect the rider. There are no airbags,
seatbelts, or any frame to protect the body. Accidents involving these rideshare vehicles often
prove quite traumatic for the scooter riders. Typically, it’s the scooter rider who suffers the most.
If you’ve been injured in a scooter accident, you may be entitled to compensation – even if you
share part of the blame for the accident.

The other party’s insurance company, whether the driver is found totally at fault or only partially
liable will work hard to downplay your injuries so they don’t have to pay out the compensation
you deserve. Working with experienced attorney Kathryn Burmeister of Burmeister Law Firm will
give you a great advantage and will help you get the financial compensation you need.

Attorney Burmeister will assess your scooter case carefully and will:

  • Investigate the specific circumstances of your rideshare scooter accident
  • Consult with law enforcement, collect evidence, and interview witnesses
  • Discover and identify all possible causes of the accident and determine who is liable
  • Handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance companies
  • Work with experts and medical professionals as she calculates the full amount of
    compensation you deserve.

Don’t delay and contact Attorney Burmeister immediately to discuss your case. Initial
consultations are always free of charge and come with no obligation. Take action now and get
the help you need to recover and move on.

Originally posted 2022-02-03 11:49:48.

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