What to Do After a Multi-Car Wreck?

Accidents involving two cars are traumatic enough, but when you’re involved in a multi-car
wreck, the stress and injuries become even worse. It’s often fairly simple to determine who is at
fault after a typical two-car accident, so if you’re injured, you have a good idea who must pay for
damages and medical expenses. With accidents involving multiple car pileups, it becomes more
complex for police and insurance companies to clearly identify an at-fault party. If you or a loved
one has been injured in a multi-car pileup, it’s imperative to talk to an experienced car wreck
injury attorney as soon as possible.

Who started the chain reaction in a multi-vehicle wreck?

Immediately after a multi-vehicle wreck, law enforcement will identify which driver started the
chain reaction, causing the incident. This is one reason why you should opt not to move your
car after a wreck, unless moving it is required for safety reasons. If the accident occurred on an
interstate highway or busy thoroughfare, it’s important to move cars to a safer location to avoid
causing a larger pileup and more serious injuries. If at all possible, remain in your car with your
seatbelt fastened until both emergency medical teams and police arrive.

Testimony from the drivers as well as a careful assessment of the accident scene will determine
who is at fault for the wreck. The police report will clearly reflect this. Police must also assess
whether any of the drivers were under-the-influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, distracted, or
behaving in any other irresponsible way.

The more cars involved, the harder the puzzle

The more vehicles involved the more complex the case. Multi-car
wrecks come with a higher risk of serious injury and make it harder to clearly find who is at fault.
What’s more, if more than one person is responsible, then they will share blame. Insurance
companies will decide the percentage of blame that goes to each person. For instance, one
driver could be 80% at fault, while the other is 20% at fault. That percentage will be what the
insurance companies will pay out.

Taking photos and getting contact and insurance information of everyone involved, as well as
statements from witnesses standing by is extremely important. Contacting a multi-vehicle
accident lawyer, such as Kathryn Burmeister, is highly recommended as she can help you avoid
taking blame for something you didn’t cause.

Wait for police to arrive so you can obtain a copy of the official report once it’s ready. If you or
your passenger (if any) are injured, take photos and document all injuries with detailed
descriptions and seek medical attention immediately. Keep all receipts and records of
treatments and orders for future therapies in a file to share with your personal injury attorney.
Finally, contact your insurance adjustor.

Attorney Kathryn Burmeister has years of experience with multi-car accidents and winning
compensation her injured clients deserve. Call her immediately if you’ve been involved in an
multi-vehicle accident for a no-obligation consultation. She will listen compassionately to your
side of the story, conduct her own thorough investigation, and fight the insurance companies on
your behalf, so you can focus on recovering and restoring your quality of life.

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