Delayed Symptoms of Life-Threatening Injuries From Motorcycle Accidents


A major accident involving a car or truck is dangerous and terrifying. Collisions involving motorcycles, however, are far worse because the risk for catastrophic injury or death increases substantially. Motorcycle accident lawyer Kathryn Burmeister has a proven track record of helping motorcyclists injured in an accident obtain justice and the financial compensation they deserve. 


Compared to other vehicle types, motorcycles offer little protection to riders. Their smaller size places them at greater risk of collision; even the most vigilant car or truck driver may fail to notice a nearby motorcyclist and careen into the rider, causing serious harm. That’s why, after seeking immediate medical attention, those injured in a motorcycle accident must consult with an experienced motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible. 


But what if you don’t think you suffered an injury?


If you’re fortunate enough to walk away from a motorcycle accident, you may feel as if you don’t really need medical attention or help from a motorcycle accident attorney. Not so fast! Some serious injuries do not manifest symptoms right away. If you experience one or more of the following signs and symptoms – even days or weeks after your accident – see your doctor immediately, then arrange a consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer:


Headaches. While headaches can have many other causes, they could also occur as a result of your motorcycle accident. Head injuries are among the most common injuries sustained in vehicular and motorcycle collisions and could indicate a concussion or serious traumatic brain injury.


Neck stiffness and pain. While the typical stresses of daily life can cause some neck pain and stiffness, these symptoms may arise from something more severe like a spinal cord injury or nerve and tissue damage. 


Abdominal pain, swelling, bruising. These symptoms may point to an internal injury, which can be life-threatening. 


Unusual personality changes. If you experience unusual (for you) levels of depression, anxiety, fear, insomnia, happiness, anger, or other emotional issues, you may have accident-induced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or injuries to the part of your brain that controls emotions.


Dizziness and fainting. These troubling symptoms can manifest due to a number of hidden injuries caused by your motorcycle accident, such as internal bleeding, brain injury, and even neurological damage.


Do the right thing for you and your loved ones


Even if you don’t believe you incurred serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, seek medical attention anyway. Often, symptoms from serious injuries don’t show up until the damage is even worse. Seeking a doctor’s help right away can help identify these injuries before they become life-threatening. After you’ve seen a doctor, contact Attorney Kathryn Burmeister for a free, no-obligation consultation about how you can receive financial compensation from the driver who hurt you. Ms. Burmeister has extensive experience helping injured motorcyclists stand up to hostile insurance companies and their tactics. Do it for you. Do it for those who love you.


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