Semi-trucks pulling tractor trailers comprise a vital part of the economy. These big rigs transport nearly 70 percent of the goods to stores around the country. A crash involving a large truck can cause serious injury or death to people in smaller vehicles. An experienced truck accident lawyer can help injured parties recover financial and even punitive damages if negligence is involved. 

These accidents can occur due to sleep and health issues of the truck driver, but too often they’re due to negligence on the part of the trucking company. If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, you need to consult with an expert now. Truck accident lawyer, Kathryn Burmeister, can help determine whether negligence was involved. Trucking employers may be found negligent and responsible for the accident due to these common failings:


  • Poor hiring practices. The employer is obligated by law to hire only competent, healthy drivers who have the appropriate class of driver’s license. The license must also be in good standing. Driver’s with expired or suspended licenses cannot legally be employed as truck drivers. 


  • Inadequate driver training. The employer must provide all drivers with adequate training prior to driving a big rig on the road. This ensures they are familiar with safety protocols and relevant driving laws in the states they pass through. Drivers without proper training cannot legally operate a tractor-trailer truck. 


  • Insufficient inspection practices. Tractor-trailers and their cabs must undergo a thorough inspection before each trip. This examination ensures everything is in proper working order and meets current safety codes. If it passes inspection standards, the tractor-trailer and cab are safe to drive on the road. Some employers may skip these inspections or perform a cursory overview, causing them to miss a dangerous problem. 


  • Improper tractor-trailer loading. Tractor-trailers must be loaded in a very specific way to ensure safety. It’s extremely dangerous to load heavy freight in an unstable, uneven way. Proper weight distribution plays an important role in trucking safety, so all cargo should be loaded as evenly as possible. Loose cargo or uneven weight distribution greatly increase chances of a deadly jackknife accident. 


  • Neglecting to enforce trucking rules and regulations. Truck employers and the drivers they employ are legally obligated to adhere to very specific rules and regulations to help guarantee safety of the drivers and those sharing the road with him. 


All truck employers have an obligation to operate within appropriate safety standards. When they neglect to do so, they must be held accountable if this results in an accident causing injury or death. If you’ve suffered an injury in a tractor trailer accident and believe part of the cause involves employer negligence, call truck accident lawyer, Kathryn Burmeister right away. 

You may be entitled to financial compensation. Attorney Burmeister knows exactly how to investigate these crashes to determine what caused them. Your no-cost consultation with Burmeister Law firm is the first step in developing a legal claim for financial settlement and ensuring all responsible parties are held accountable. 

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